here's how you can support Ragball International:

1. buy a ragball

By purchasing a ragball, you are empowering young africans and their communities to rise above poverty and reach their goals.

2. spread the word

Follow us on facebook and twitter, and share photos of you kicking your ragball!

3. host a ragball tournament

High schools and universities have created an awesome way to support Ragball International by playing the game of soccer. Host your own ragball tournament to sell ragballs, raise money, raise awareness, and have a great time. Contact us to learn more.

4. carry ragballs at your store

Interested in selling ragballs at your store, or know a store owner that might? Contact us and let's make it happen.

5. gift your event with ragballs

Hosting an event? Looking for a meaningful gift to add to your welcome bag? Looking for the perfect centerpiece for your gala dinner? Take the lead from some of our other partners who have had great success gifting ragballs at their events. Contact us to learn more.

Ragball International is seeking additional business partnerships to support our sales, curriculum, travel, shipping/freight, and training. Please contact us if you can contribute in any of these areas or if you have other ideas.